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Our Library

     Each student has the potential to unlock the imagination, creativity, and compassion within.  Sharing the magic of stories with students open worlds beyond their own, inspiring them to imagine a life outside of their own and show compassion for those different than themselves. 


       In our library, students find the stories that transport them to a different time and place, helping them tap into their creativity and grow compassion for others.  

      Imagination and creativity must be combined with 21st century information literacy skills to create lifelong learners and problem solvers needed in society. Students will learn how to locate accurate and reliable information, as well as stay safe online. Students will combine their imaginations with the information they locate to create a variety of projects throughout the year.  They will also learn to choose books that interest them, as well as understand the importance fiction books play in social emotional learning and they way the interact with people they encounter in their daily life. 

Our Librarian

Mrs. Pilarski

Mrs. P's Favorites:

What are some of my favorite things? Ummmm, my favorite book is... Well, my favorite food is... Hmmmm, how about my favorite song... Let's be honest, there is too much I like that I can't pick a favorite of anything. 

Eclectic Creator and Sharer of All Things Informational and Imaginative for Kids in k-4, Quirky Mama of 3 Teenage Humans and 3 Furballs, Human Gammy to 4 Furballs, and an Assortment of Scaly Beans, and Ally to All Those Diverse.

I spend my days making kiddos laugh with stories of my wacky adventures and getting eye rolls with my hilarious puns and bad dad jokes. (Yes, moms can tell bad dad jokes.) More importantly, I learn and grow and laugh as these same kiddos share their stories. I am blessed to spend my days connecting with amazing kids who, even through my ditziness and klutziness, cheer me on.  

On the side, I share amazing stories and the secrets to locating information QUICKLY. (FYI: the secret is nonfiction text features.) I teach kids how to make strong passwords and make mine so strong that I battle daily to log onto the board. I dazzle them with my knowledge of cyber safety and key facts. I mean who doesn't need to know that Dan Santat's least favorite color is purple or that Aaron Reynolds' favorite pizza toppings are pineapple and pepperoni. 

When I'm not being a school librarian, I am being yelled at by a 35 lb. puppers, telling me it is time for a nap. Of course I listen, who doesn't love a nap.  In the off chance I don't give in, I can be found curled up in a comfy chair, battling a purring ball of fur, while trying to read a cozy mystery, and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Saturday mornings, you'll find me sword fighting my youngest at the Steel City Historical Fencing Society.  On the rare occasion that my teens emerge from the depths of their rooms, I revel in our time together. Sometimes, I may even be found hanging out with my husband, catching up on an episode of the various DC shows. 

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