About the Elementary Libraries

     I believe that each student has the potential to unlock the imagination, creativity, and compassion within.  Sharing the magic of stories with students open worlds beyond their own, inspiring them to imagine a life outside of their own and show compassion for those different than themselves. 


       I am passionate about helping students find the stories that transport them to a different time and place, helping them tap into their creativity and grow compassion for others.  

      Imagination and creativity must be combined with 21st century information literacy skills to create lifelong learners and problem solvers needed in society. This year, I look forward to having 1st through 4th grade library classes again.  Students will learn how to locate accurate and reliable information, as well as stay safe online. Students will combine their imaginations with the information they locate to create a variety of projects throughout the year.  They will also learn to choose books that interest them, as well as understand the importance fiction books play in social emotional learning and they way the interact with people they encounter in their daily life.