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Grown-Up Resources

Common Sense Media*

Common Sense Media is an excellent resource for grown-ups navigating a variety of media with kids and teens. It offers reviews of and age recommendations for books, movies, video games, apps, and websites. There also many articles covering many topics involving kids and media, such as bullying, depression, screen time, safety, etc. 

As a district, we use Common Sense Media's Digital Citizenship Curriculum to teach our adventures have to behave ethically and stay safe while online.  Below are links to the Common Sense Media's website, Family Activities, and Tips. 

*Media: the format in which we share information. There are two types of media, print and digital. 

K-5 Family Tips

Common Sense Media For Grown-Ups

Family Activities

Sign-up  for Tech Balance Texts 
Send a text message with the word "kids" to 21555 from your cellphone

Tips for Reading @ Home 

   ***Above graphics were created by All Students Can SHINE 2014
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